Layer Painter

Layer Painter is an addon designed to change the way you work with materials in blender. It takes inspiration from 2D software and programs like substance painter to provide you with a layer system and all the benefits that come with it.

However the point of layer painter is not to replace blenders node system or other texturing software completely, but simply aid you in getting quick results for your materials. It also allows you to keep the texturing part of your workflow in blender and avoid constant importing and exporting.

If you at any point experience issues or want to talk about the addon, join the Discord server!

Where to get it

You can currently get Layer Painter on Blendermarket, Gumroad or the Flipped Normals marketplace.

About this documentation

This documentation will guide you through the entire addon. You should be able to follow the navigation on the right from the top down to learn the addon as you go. Don't read the entire thing at once but work with the addon while you do and try to understand how it works that way. The best option should be to read this until you understand the basic concepts. From there on you can right click on any Layer Painter option to open the documentation for it. This way you can learn more about the addon as you go.

More tutorials

Here are a few tutorials. Most of them are not for the current version so a lot might have changed since then. Keep that in mind when watching them and have a look at the version numbers: