Open PBR


This button allows you to import multiple PBR images at once onto a layer. It will enable the channel that you import automatically. To use it just click the 'Open PBR' button in the layer settings. It will open a filebrowser where you can select the images you want to import. Finally click the 'Open PBR Texture Set' button.


To figure out what images to import into what channel the addon uses identifiers. These are basically a short string of characters which describes the name of the channel. To put it simple for a channel like 'Albedo' this could be 'albedo', 'alb', 'col', 'diff' or something similar. These identifiers are specified in the addons preferences and you can change them.


In the preferences navigate to PBR Import and you will see the list of identifiers. There is one entry per channel. You can add new entries for channels. You can also add particular identifiers by adding it to the particular field. Identifiers are separated by ';' and you do not need spaces around it.



There is also the option to use a thumbnail preview for your texture libraries. Simply click the Assets button and a popup will open. Here you will see the different categories that you have. When you select a category you get a selection of your texture sets. Below it will show the textures belonging to that set and you can choose which ones to import.

Add texture assets

To add a texture asset path you need to go to the addons preferences again. Here you can add paths which will be used in the list. A folder with images is considered a texture set. If multiple sets are in a folder that is considered the category for those texture sets. You can also have icons by naming them the same way the texture sets folder is named.


Navigate to the Textures tab and click the Add button. Here you can enter a path or select a folder.

This should be compatible with the Extreme PBR addon. Simply add the path where the textures are stored to the textures list.